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Villa Almogan - vaction holiday Caesarea
Large swimming pool 4.5 to 12 meters. Sitting areas in yard + fish pond. Three double bedrooms. 2 bedrooms with beds open to 2 sleeps, children's bedroom with a bed opens + extra bed. Other mattress option. 3 upgraded bathrooms 4 bathrooms. Outdoor shower. Sleeps up to 15 inclusive. Bed linen and towels. Large living room. Dining room for 12 diners. All fully equipped kitchen including dishwasher and Tami 4 espresso coffee machine. Five TV screens. Cable television. Web, DVD. + Charcoal grill gas grill .. Linked to assistant option 24/7 plus the price of 200 dollars per day. The villa is spacious and stunningly beautiful. Close to the synagogue.
5 bedrooms
swimming pool
wi - fi
please call
054-4258045 Maya
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